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Do Your Teeth Have Excessive Wear? Consider Bite Reclamation

If your teeth have worn down enough, that wear and tear can actually affect the appearance of your face. One way to restore this lost vertical dimension in your face is with a cosmetic procedure called bite reclamation. Read on to learn more about this procedure and who could benefit from it.

Who is a Good Candidate for Bite Reclamation?

People with acid reflux may benefit from bite reclamation, as stomach acid may have eaten away and worn down enamel. People who grind their teeth may have excessive wear and could benefit from this type of procedure. Other people that may benefit from this procedure include those

  • recovering from eating disorders since stomach acids wear teeth
  • with tooth damage from excessive alcohol usage
  • with naturally small enamel cusps

What are the Cosmetic Benefits of Bite Reclamation?

By restoring vertical dimension, your face may have a more balanced appearance. Some people may even see improvement in their skin since a loss of vertical dimension can smooth out premature wrinkles.

Are There Functional Benefits of Bite Reclamation?

Yes. If your teeth are worn down too much, you may have a hard time eating certain foods since you won't have distinct cusps that can tear and cut food. People with TMJ disorder may see an improvement in their condition since bite reclamation can make movements like chewing and swallowing easier, and thus, the jaw joint won't be overtaxed.

How is the Procedure Performed?

Your dentist will want to take many measurements of your face to determine whether to fix the upper teeth, lower teeth, or both. They will determine whether you need improvements with your posterior teeth (molars and premolars), anterior teeth (canines and incisors), or both.

During the actual procedure, your dentist will use a shot to administer a local anesthetic. Your dentist may file down uneven areas of the tooth and then build them back more evenly with fillings/bonding material. Bite reclamation may only take one appointment, but if your teeth have worn down a lot, you may need a few appointments to get the results you desire.

Is a Bite Reclamation Procedure Covered by Insurance?

Every insurance policy is different, but cosmetic procedures aren't usually covered by insurance since they are elective. However, bite reclamation is unique because it is classified as a bite adjustment since the procedure can affect the way you chew and improve TMJ. So if you are suffering from an oral ailment, this bite adjustment may be covered by your insurance carrier.

Reach out to a cosmetic dentist in your area for more details.