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Do You Have Sleep Apnea? 3 Benefits Of Working With A Dentist To Get An Oral Appliance

Getting a sleep apnea diagnosis gives you the opportunity to find solutions for easing your symptoms. With the right type of therapy, you can begin to feel more awake each day, which can have a positive effect on your productivity. Your sleeping partner might also be grateful for not be awakened by your snoring at night, and there is much that can be said for the health benefits of treating sleep apnea. Increasing your blood oxygen levels reduces the chances of heart disease and other apnea-related ailments. With your new diagnosis in hand, you can begin to find the right treatment to fit your health needs and lifestyle. Working with a dentist who is trained in sleep apnea oral appliance therapy gives you these benefits.

Find a Comfortable Alternative to Other Treatments

Some people with sleep apnea use a CPAP machine to manage their symptoms. This treatment is effective but it isn't always comfortable for everyone. You might need to look for an alternative treatment if you get claustrophobic wearing a full mask. Oral appliances fit in your mouth using a custom-made design. Keeping most of your face uncovered may feel more natural, and you'll be more likely to use your therapy every night when you are comfortable.

Enjoy a Portable Therapy Option

Traveling with a CPAP machine is cumbersome. You'll need to carry the machine, mask, hose, and cleaning supplies in addition to the rest of your luggage. Sleep apnea oral appliances are small and easily go into a storage container that fits in your day bag. Cleaning these appliances is also easy. Your dentist can show you how to clean it properly, but most appliances can be cleaned with your normal non-abrasive hygiene products. This simplifies your packing list and reduces the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your therapy device. You can even take an oral appliance camping and to other locations where you might not have the ability to carry a bulky machine.

Detect and Treat Potential Dental Complications

People with sleep apnea must pay careful attention to their oral health. A dentist who is trained in sleep apnea therapy understands the common issues that people with this health condition face. Snoring and mouth breathing during the night can dry out your mouth. This raises your risk of getting cavities or developing gum disease. Your new appliance helps to lower this risk, and your dentist will carefully check for signs of early problems so that you benefit from the right types of dental treatments.

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