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How To Fill In A Missing Tooth Gap Quickly And Cheaply

It can happen in an instant. One moment you are fine and the next you are missing a tooth due to a fall or a car accident. For some, the gap happens after a tooth was too decayed to remain stable. No matter what causes a missing tooth, the results can make you feel unattractive. Most people are too embarrassed to smile at others and it can be easy to isolate yourself and become depressed because of the issue. If you are missing a space where a tooth used to be, a flipper tooth may be an affordable and easy solution that will have you back out in public in no time at all. Read on and learn about the benefits of a flipper tooth.

What To Know About Flipper Teeth

Also known as a partial, this type of tooth is worn temporarily and removed for cleaning. Some may be worn while eating but you can increase the wear and tear on your flipper when you do so. Flippers are usually made to fill in for missing teeth in the front—either on the upper or the lower. They look, to all practical appearances, just like your own natural teeth. Only a close examination would reveal the plate in the back of the tooth that clings to your gums. Here is what else to know about flipper teeth:

  1. Don't try to order a flipper tooth from the internet. Your dentist knows how to create a plate that adheres perfectly to your gums and a tooth that matches your other teeth in shade and shape.
  2. While prices vary from location to location, most of the time your flipper tooth can be had for about $500, more or less. Considering how costly other forms of filling in tooth gaps can be, this provides a more affordable option to a wider range of people. 
  3. Depending on how close you are to a dental lab, flippers can be created in a few day's time. If a tooth has to be removed due to decay, your dentist might want to wait till the inflammation is reduced before making the impression.
  4. Missing teeth are about more than just appearance. Your other teeth and your jawbones depend on something being there at all times. A flipper fits the bill and helps keep your mouth healthier in many ways.
  5. Care of the flipper tooth is important so that it will last a long time. They must be removed and cleaned every day to prevent bacteria from forming. They may also be more prone to breakage than other forms of dentures or implants.

To find out more about the flipper tooth option, speak to your dentist and start smiling again.