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Tips For Taking Your Kid To Their First Dental Appointment

Are you getting prepared to take your kid to the dentist for the first time? Even if the appointment is long overdue, it's great that you've taken the initiative to ensure your child has healthy teeth and gums. However, the first time going to the dentist can be a scary experience for some kids. That's why it helps to know the following tips.

Visit A Pediatric Dentist

Even if you love your current dentist because they do such a great job with you, they may not be the best fit for your child. All dentists do not specialize in working with kids, either due to their choice or from a lack of previous experience. Even though teeth are pretty similar across adults and kids, it's the act of working with kids that's most important.

A pediatric dentist is going to ensure that the dentist you work with likes working with kids and has plenty of experience doing so. They'll have a dental office that is inviting to children as well, which could mean a fun waiting room, playful colors on the wall, and even a decorated ceiling for the child to look at during their exam. Some will even have the ability for a child to watch TV to distract them from the procedure.

Read Books About The Dentist

You will want to prepare your child as much as possible for their visit to the dentist. By knowing what to expect, they will be less anxious about going into a new experience with so many unknown factors. There are plenty of books about going to the dentist, many of which can be found for free at your local library. Consider taking some of these books home and reading them together. They'll be geared towards their age level and help give them proper expectations.

Role Play As Doctor And Patient

Once you've read some books on the experience, you can try playing with your child by using a role-play activity. Have your child pretend to be a patient at the dental office, and then you be the dentist. This will let them know what will happen in a more clear manner. Then you can switch roles and let your child be the dentist. You will be able to see how they think the dentist will behave, which can give you some good indications of what their expectations will be. 

Reach out to a local pediatric dentist for more information about your child's first visit.