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The Benefits Of Choosing Laser Whitening Over A Traditional Dental Gel Treatment

If your teeth are stained, then it is wise to meet with a dental professional who can help you understand how you can get whiter teeth. The professional will likely inform you all about in-office whitening treatments that include gel whitening solutions as well as laser assisted whitening. Laser whitening is extremely common, but it is often a bit more expensive than traditional treatments that are completed with trays and regular carbamide peroxide gels. There are some advantages to choosing the laser whitening, though. Keep reading to learn what they are.

The Gums Are Not Harmed

During a traditional whitening treatment, your dentist will need to protect the soft tissues of the mouth. The tissues are covered with a petroleum jelly material that keeps the bleaching gels off the gums. Also, cheek spreaders will be placed in the mouth so the gel cannot come into contact with the cheeks. Even with these precautions, a small amount of the peroxide solution may come into contact with the gums. This is also true if you need to complete whitening treatments at home with trays provided by the dentist. When the whitening solution touches the gums, it can cause them to become burned. This can be very uncomfortable for most people.

When laser whitening treatments are completed, a whitening agent or chemical is still needed. However, the chemical is thinner and easier to apply to the teeth and avoid the surrounding tissues. A light is then shone on the teeth and the chemical is activated. The chemical oxidizes quickly and forces the debris out of the teeth. The chemical also does lighten the appearance of the teeth by lightening the stained tooth material.

The Process Is Quick

Many people complain of sensitivities when dental whitening treatments are completed. This is a major concern and a common one. The whitening gels release enough debris from the teeth that the openings within the tooth dentin are revealed. These openings are sensitive, since they are responsible for delivering sensation information to the internal root that sits deep in each tooth.

You will feel the sensitivity after a laser whitening treatment. However, the discomfort is typically short lived. This is the case since the whitening only needs to be completed a single time and only about once every three years. Since traditional gel whitening is not as powerful and results are far less brilliant than those of laser whitening, several treatments may need to be scheduled. You will feel the same sensitivity after every treatment, and this can make the entire process uncomfortable. 

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