Do You Have Sleep Apnea? 3 Benefits Of Working With A Dentist To Get An Oral Appliance

Getting a sleep apnea diagnosis gives you the opportunity to find solutions for easing your symptoms. With the right type of therapy, you can begin to feel more awake each day, which can have a positive effect on your productivity. Your sleeping partner might also be grateful for not be awakened by your snoring at night, and there is much that can be said for the health benefits of treating sleep apnea.

Do Your Teeth Have Excessive Wear? Consider Bite Reclamation

If your teeth have worn down enough, that wear and tear can actually affect the appearance of your face. One way to restore this lost vertical dimension in your face is with a cosmetic procedure called bite reclamation. Read on to learn more about this procedure and who could benefit from it. Who is a Good Candidate for Bite Reclamation? People with acid reflux may benefit from bite reclamation, as stomach acid may have eaten away and worn down enamel.