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Three Tips To Help Keep Invisalign Invisible

If you want straighter teeth but don't want to have the look of a metal mouth for several years, Invisalign can be a great choice. The clear aligners snap onto your teeth, slowly straightening them without dramatically changing your appearance. Usually, nobody can even tell you're wearing them unless they examine your teeth close-up. However, some patients have issues with their aligners discoloring and turning yellow if they are not careful with them. To keep your Invisalign invisible, adhere to these guidelines.

Only drink water with them in your mouth.

You can drink, but not eat, without removing your Invisalign. But if you read the instructions your dentist gave you closely, you'll probably notice that they tell you only to drink water while the aligners are in place. This is because other beverages, like coffee and even juice, may stain the aligners. Try to only drink these other beverages at mealtimes when your aligners are already out. Keep water nearby during the day, and sip this when you are thirsty.

Brush your teeth thoroughly.

If plaque from your teeth gathers on the inside of the aligners, it can stain them and yellow them. So, make sure you're brushing your teeth as thoroughly as possible. You need to brush each and every time you remove the aligner and eat -- before putting them back in your mouth. Use circular and side-to-side motions to remove as much plaque as possible. A toothpaste that contains baking soda may also be helpful in scrubbing away more of the plaque.

Soak your aligners.

Even when you do brush thoroughly, some plaque and bacteria are sure to build up on the aligner trays. The secret is to remove this before it becomes substantial enough to cause actual stains. Brushing your aligners with toothpaste and a soft brush will help, but you should then soak them in mouthwash to remove the remaining bacteria. Just fill a cup with antiseptic mouthwash, drop the aligners in, and wait about 10 minutes before putting them back in your mouth. If you're sensitive to ingredients in mouthwash, you can use a denture soaking solution instead.

Talk to your dentist or orthodontist for more tips to help keep your Invisalign trays as clear as possible. If you do notice that your trays are starting to yellow, this means you need to be better about your oral hygiene and about cleaning your aligners each day. For more information about caring for your orthodontic appliances, visit http://northwestdental.com/