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Is Your Age Showing In Your Smile? 3 Ways That Tooth Bonding Can Improve Your Confidence

People often talk about how your skin will change as you age, yet you never quite expected to notice a major difference in your smile. However, your teeth are one of the first parts of your body to show the wear and tear that has occurred over the years, and this can happen even if you practice a perfect oral hygiene routine. As you explore ways to reduce the signs of aging on your appearance, consider these three benefits that dental bonding can have for improving the aesthetics of your smile.

Repair Discoloration

Years of drinking coffee, soda or wine can rapidly add up to yellow teeth. While your dental hygienist can remove many surface stains, you may have deeper ones that do not respond to normal whitening methods. Discolored teeth are often associated with age, so you can have your dentist apply tooth-colored bonding material to your stained teeth in a lighter shade that brightens your smile.

Fix That Childhood Chip

Whether you knocked your tooth on the playground as a kid or experienced a snow skiing accident in your later years, that annoying chip may have been causing you to hide your smile for years. It is also common for teeth to weaken as you age, and new chips may have formed that reduce the strength of your enamel. Tooth bonding can be used to repair chips so that you have normal chewing functioning again, and you will want to smile with confidence once you know that your smile zone is restored.

Protect Roots From Gum Recession

Unfortunately, most adults will experience some gum recession as a normal part of aging, and you can do your part to delay this process by avoiding smoking and gum disease. However, you may still experience some sensitivity from receding gums, and the exposed root is softer and more prone to abrasion than your regular dental enamel. You may also notice that the root is a different color than the rest of your tooth, and it may be visible when you smile. Covering this area with a bonding material improves its appearance while offering protection from exposure to potentially damaging forces.

Just as your doctor will coach you on minimizing age-related skin damage by using sunscreen, your dentist can help you reduce the signs of aging in your smile by taking advantage of dental bonding. From enjoying whiter teeth to protecting vulnerable areas from further damage, you can preserve a youthful smile well into your golden years with the help of your dental team.