Enjoying Better Dental Checkups

Three Reasons Why You Should Not To Avoid The Dentist

If you haven't been seeing your dentist regularly because you work or go to school during office hours, then you want to look around for a dentist office that is open on Saturdays. It's worth it to find a dentist with hours that fit your schedule because your dental health could depend on it. Even if you think your teeth are in good shape, it's still important to have regular exams and dental cleanings. Here are some things that could happen when you put off going to the dentist for routine care:

Oral Cancer Could Grow Undetected

Your dentist not only checks for cavities, he or she also checks your mouth and gums for signs of oral cancer. Catching the signs of cancer early is important because cancer is much easier to cure when it is caught in the early stages. If the lesion is in a hidden place in your mouth, you may not detect it early on. However, a dentist can find it and let you know so you can see a specialist for treatment.

Gum Disease Can Become Advanced

One important reason to have regular dental cleanings is to prevent gum disease. Gum disease happens when plaque and tartar build up on your teeth and under your gums. This causes pockets of infection that cause your gums to pull away from your teeth. Early gum disease can be reversed with deep cleaning of your teeth. When gum disease isn't treated early, you might need surgery to restore health to your mouth.

A Tiny Cavity Can Become Abscessed

Your dentist will catch cavities when they are tiny. The advantage to this is that tiny cavities are easy to fill and the health of your tooth isn't in danger. When a cavity gets large, your dentist may not be able to fill it because there isn't enough healthy enamel to hold onto the filling. That means you'll need a crown, which is more expensive than a filling. Also, the longer your tooth has a cavity, the greater the chance becomes of an infection. A tooth infection can be dangerous if it spreads. You may need a root canal to clear out the infection which further adds to the cost of neglecting your teeth.

A dentist can spot other problems as well, such as signs of tooth grinding that wears away your enamel. So even though you think your teeth are in great shape, you could have problems you are unaware of that could develop into serious health problems that are costly to treat. You may not want to spend your Saturday at the dentist's office, but a routine visit doesn't take that long and if you put it off, you may have to spend a lot more time in the chair later undergoing extensive dental work.

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