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Why A Temporary Crown Is Needed When Getting A Dental Crown

When you have a tooth that is too weak to stand alone on its own, your dentist might recommend placing a dental crown over the tooth. Dental crowns look like real teeth and are great for saving teeth but getting a dental crown is something that will require two visits and wearing a temporary crown. Here is why you will need a temporary crown when getting a dental crown placed over a tooth.

A Lab Makes Dental Crowns

The first thing you should understand about dental crowns is that most dental clinics do not make them in their offices. Instead, they send the pictures, measurements, and molds to a lab, and the lab makes the dental crowns for them. There are offices that offer same-day crowns, though, and these offices have the technology and equipment to make crowns in their offices. If you get a same-day crown, you would not need a temporary crown. If you do not get a same-day crown, you will need a temporary crown.

A Temporary Crown Keeps the Tooth from Changing

The purpose of a temporary crown is to keep the tooth from changing in any way. When a dentist measures for a permanent crown, it is vital that the tooth remains exactly as it currently is while the person waits for the permanent crown. If the tooth changes, even slightly, the permanent crown will not fit properly. Because of this, a dentist will place a temporary crown over the tooth after taking all the necessary measurements. The temporary crown will be cemented in place and should not move while you wait for the permanent crown. Wearing the temporary crown will prevent the tooth from changing.

The Temporary Crown Also Protects the Tooth While You Wait

The other key purpose of a temporary crown is to protect the remaining tooth structure of the tooth while you are waiting for the permanent crown to come in. The wait time for this is typically just a couple of weeks, but a lot of damage could be done to a partial tooth during this time if it is not protected.

If you get a temporary crown and it falls out of your mouth, you should contact your dentist immediately to find out what to do.

If you are ready to get a dental crown in your mouth, schedule an appointment with a dental clinic like Serene Smiles Dentistry to learn more about the process and costs.