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Preventing Cavities In Those Baby Teeth: What You Can Do

Children and adults alike can get cavities, but if your child gets a cavity in his baby teeth, it can be a problem. Baby teeth that have cavities, or that are rotting can cause an issue with the adult teeth laying below in your gums. This can then cause a problem for your children with their oral health as adults. Taking care of those baby teeth is essential. Read on for tips to help.

Stay Away From Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks such as soda can be terrible for your child's teeth, but if your child is also drinking a lot of juice, this can be bad too. It doesn't matter if it's organic or says sugar free, if this is all your child is drinking - it can be damaging your child's baby teeth. Avoid giving your child too much juice, in addition to limiting other sugary drinks. Be sure your child is drinking plenty of water to help rinse his teeth throughout the day and to keep those gums clean as well.

Brush Twice Daily

Be sure your child is brushing his teeth twice per day for at least two minutes. Your child is going to need help brushing his teeth. You'll need to give assistance brushing until your child can brush on his own - usually around age 5 or so. Your child is still going to need you to supervise brushing to ensure he is brushing his teeth properly. Be sure he is brushing his gums, and is brushing not just the front of his teeth, but on the top and behind the teeth as well.

Feed Your Child A Healthy Diet

In addition to limiting sugary drinks, you should also be giving your child a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and this includes ensuring your child is getting enough calcium. Calcium helps build strong bones, and this includes teeth as well. Fluoride is in toothpaste, but can also be found in tap water. Be sure your child is getting enough fluoride as well. Other vitamins and minerals found in leafy green vegetables, fish, lean meat and fresh fruits can also be beneficial to your child's teeth.

Take your child to the dentist for a teeth cleaning before your child turns one year old. Talk to your dentist about your child's teeth and about what other things you can be doing to help give your child the gift of good oral health. Visit a site like https://www.mysunshinedentistry.com/ for more help.