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Answering Frequent Dental Implant Concerns

When a patient suffers the loss of a tooth, there are few options that can provide more effective and lasting results than receiving a dental implant. Despite the effectiveness of these implants, many often simply choose to use bridges or dentures due to a lack of awareness about dental implant services.

What If You Are Concerned About The Costs Involved With Getting A Dental Implant?

Receiving dental implants will be more costly than bridges or dentures. However, the benefits can make these higher costs worth paying as the implant will provide a permanent solution to the tooth loss while also supporting the jaw and gums. Luckily, there are options to help patients with paying for their implant procedure. In particular, many patients will take advantage of financing offers to allow them to make payments on their implant. This option can allow patients to rapidly have these treatments performed. Additionally, if you are needing to receive multiple implants, it can be possible to perform the procedures separately so that you can save the money between implant placements.

Will You Have To Worry About The Dental Implant Being Rejected Or Causing A Reaction?

Due to the fact that these implants are surgically placed in the body, some patients will have a concern that rejection of the implants will be a major risk. However, it is extremely rare for this to happen as the implant will be made of titanium, which is a material that will normally bond easily to bone tissue. Unfortunately, some patients may have an allergy to titanium, which can lead to issues with implants. To prevent this from occurring, patients are encouraged to undergo an allergy test to ensure that they are not allergic to titanium or any of the other materials used in the implants.

How Long Should You Wait To Start Getting A Dental Implant After Losing A Tooth?

Losing a tooth can be a painful and stressful experience. When a person suffers the loss of one or more teeth, they should act quickly to start the process of having an implant placed. While it may be necessary for the gums to fully heal before the implant can be placed, starting the treatment early can help you avoid complications that can arise from the teeth shifting positions. When a patient must wait a significant period of time before receiving their implant, the dentist may be able to place spaces to prevent the gap from closing. Otherwise, the teeth that have shifted positions will need to be corrected before the implant can be placed.