Enjoying Better Dental Checkups

Treatment And Prevention Of Cavities – What You Can Do

Many people go to the dentist for a cleaning and exam and learn that they have a cavity or two that needs to be repaired. Here, you'll learn a little about some procedures that will make the repair a little more comfortable and a few tips to prevent future cavities.

Laser Dentistry                          

A lot of people associate the sound of the dental drill with bad or scary experiences in the dentist's chair. Others, they fear the needle used to numb the area before drilling begins. Well, if you have a problem with either, you can avoid them both by opting for laser dentistry.

Rather than having to numb the area, laser dentistry uses small pulses of light to remove the cavity from the tooth before the filling is put in place. When you leave the dentist's office, you won't have a numb mouth and you'll be able to go on with your day with very little inconvenience.

Prevention of Future Cavities

You know you have to brush, floss, and rinse at least twice a day, but between brushings, it's important to keep your teeth clean. This can be done by snacking on crunchy fruits and vegetables, chewing sugar-free gum, or using the small on-the-go toothbrushes that are preloaded with toothpaste.

Another thing that you can do to reduce the chances of getting cavities is to eliminate the sugary drinks from your diet. Those drinks will coat your teeth with each sip, and eventually, the cavities will form. You can have the occasional soda, but don't be sipping on it all day long. Instead, drink water or other sugarless drinks. If you drink soda, use a straw. This will get the soda into your mouth without it coating as many of your teeth.

Preschedule Dental Exams

Lots of people fail to get to their yearly exams because they don't remember. So before you leave your dentist's office, schedule your next cleaning appointment. Then, when the day approaches, the office will call, email, or text you a reminder so that you won't miss the important cleaning. During those cleanings, all of the grime and buildup between the teeth will be removed and any signs of cavities will be scheduled for treatment.

Don't put off dental treatment because you're uncomfortable at the idea of the needle and the drill. Hopefully, these tips will help you stay proactive in taking care of your smile. Reach out to a dental office such as Tijeras Dental Service to learn more.