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Braces For Adults: 3 Reasons To Choose Self Ligating Braces

Many people assume that orthodontic braces are only given to children, but more and more adults are choosing to use braces to correct their teeth later in life. Braces can be used by adults to correct overbites, underbites, overcrowded teeth, jaw misalignment, and many other orthodontic problems that can affect your confidence and dental health.

If you are considering having braces fitted as an adult, you have a number of different types of brace to choose from. Your orthodontist will help you decide which type of brace is best for your needs, but in many cases, self-ligating braces are the best option for adult users. Here are three reasons why self-ligating braces are especially suitable for adults.

Less Visible Than Conventional Braces 

All types of braces use brackets, the small, oblong metal devices which are attached to the surfaces of your teeth. A long, thin band of metal called an archwire connects these brackets. The archwire is then adjusted so that it applies pressure to the teeth, correcting orthodontic problems over time.

For a set of braces to function properly, the archwire must be securely fastened to the brackets at all times. Conventional braces use elastic bands or metal ties to connect the archwire to the brackets. Self-ligating braces are unique because their brackets are fitted with tiny clips, which hold the archwire in place without the need for bands or ties.

Because self-ligating braces do not have bands or ties, they are generally less visible than conventional braces, with a sleeker appearance. The brackets themselves also tend to be smaller, covering less of your teeth. Self-ligating braces are also less likely to become stained or discolored because they do not contain elastic or other porous materials. 

Discreet, self-ligating braces are ideal for adult brace users, who can feel a little more self-conscious about wearing braces than children. They are especially useful if you work in a corporate or customer-facing industry, where appearances are all-important. To minimize visibility, consider choosing braces with clear plastic brackets.

Easy Cleaning

As you get older and your immune system loses some of that youthful indestructibility, maintaining good oral hygiene becomes ever more important. Bulky, conventional braces with large metal or elastic ties can make it difficult to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth and may leave you more vulnerable to gum disease, as well as other oral problems more common in adults than children.

The sleek, compact design of self-ligating braces creates fewer obstructions than conventional braces and can make brushing and flossing considerably easier for busy adult brace users. The secure, integrated clips that hold the archwire in place are also more forgiving if you are a hard brusher, or use a stiff-bristled toothbrush.

Shorter Adjustment Appointments

All braces must be adjusted and tightened on a regular basis until the desired correction has been achieved. Many adults with orthodontic issues avoid having braces fitted because they simply can't spare the time to have them fitted and adjusted. 

When conventional braces are adjusted, every individual tie and/or tightening band must be individually removed, adjusted, and replaced. Adjusting self-ligating braces is a lot quicker because the archwire is the only component that needs to be modified. Self-ligating braces are ideal for busy adult professionals who can't spare much time for orthodontic appointments.