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When Would You Be Referred To An Oral Surgeon?

Sometimes, as part of your regular dental care, you have to see an oral surgeon. An oral surgeon can help you feel better about your health in many ways and can bring you lots of relief for your oral health needs.

Your dentist will usually have to refer you to an oral surgeon in order to get work done by this specialist, and you can get lots of relief from going to this type of specialist. Oral surgery can benefit you in several ways. Here are some reasons why you may be referred to an oral surgeon.

You have impacted teeth 

Often, an oral surgeon can be the one you get referred to when you have impacted teeth. This is because the teeth may be deep in your jawbone and also cause lots of issues with removal by a traditional dentist. An oral surgeon can remove the teeth that are impacted while you are put under general anesthesia, making the process much less invasive and more successful for you overall.

You have a severe oral infection

Sometimes, an oral health infection can be so severe it requires surgery to remove infected teeth and bone from the mouth. If this is the case, you'll have to be referred to an oral surgeon to assist you. The bone and other tissue that is affected can be removed for the safety of your oral health and your oral surgeon can also ensure no deformities or other issues arise from having to have your oral work done.

You have an oral deformity or injury

If you have a birth defect or other oral deformity you want to have fixed, or if you have been injured or otherwise have something in your mouth that needs to be repaired, your oral health surgeon can be counted on to help correct your situation as much as possible. Sometimes an oral surgeon can work alongside another plastic or reconstructive surgeon to allow you to get the best results for your injury or deformity.

Your oral health is important to you, and while much of your dental work can be taken care of by your traditional dentist, some of it will have to be taken care of by your oral surgeon. When you get referred to an oral surgeon, follow their recommendation for your care so you can have the best results. In the end, the work you have done can be greatly beneficial to your overall oral health.